After Disaster

Note on making characters
What's with the weird setting?

For those of you who know Eberron, this isn’t so different. It’s DnD 4e, with the regular 4e rules and classes that we know and love, but with a distinct steampunk flavour. Sword, sorcery and the divine are still very prevalent in this world, but science is rapidly gaining a foothold, and is in fact making leaps and bounds forward into the world.

This doesn’t mean anything different for your character mechanically, with one small thing I’ll mention in a minute. For example, Mike’s character when we last used this setting was, mechanically, an Elven ranger with a greatbow (or a longbow, I forget) but when the dice hit the table, he was a vaguely Cajun sniper shooting out plate glass windows with his giant rifle. We had a swordmage, which is an arcane class, who presented her arcane powers as various kinds of mad science channeled through a sword. But there are still honest-to-goodness wizards slinging magic around, rogues being all sneaky with their daggers, the occasional barbarian, clerics doing their divine thing, all the classics. And feel free to get ridiculous!

The one mechanical thing I’m changing is adding a Science skill. Basically, if you think your character has a reason to know stuff about science, just write it down that you’re trained. It’s based on Wisdom, like Arcana. I might tweak this later, but for now, let’s just roll with it.

Backstory-wise, go nuts. The adventure will be mainly happening in a famous city which none of you have been to, or haven’t been to in at least a year. You can already know each other if you want, it won’t really matter with how the adventure begins.

Oh, and you’re starting at level 2.


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