The continent of Khorvaire is a land of many climates and terrains, clusters of civilization divided by (or in some lands, embracing) swaths of feral wilderness:

The temperate lands of the South are inhabited largely by humans and halflings, with communities of dwarves dug into in the mountains and hills. Smythlethwaite was once the coastal gem of this region, but a shadow has fallen over it recently, and the dwarves in their slow deliberations have yet to act.

In the marshy forests of the West, elves make their homes, their treetop cities overlooking fields of swamp lilies beneath which the crocodiles lurk. The Bay of Madness, called Lac L’Attirant by the elves, allows travellers to sail off the edge of the world into the maw of the Feywild, where it is said fey lords hold their court.

To the East, dragon warriors sip tea and compose symphonies of death beneath the cherry trees. Few are alive today who remember their Empire’s attempt to seize total control of Khorvaire, but those who do remember it will.

On the Northern coast, the Demon Wastes, where orcs rule the savannah and witch doctors pray to eldritch horrors. And further inland, the Eldeen Reaches where kobolds hold their hidden scrums beneath the tutelage of a dozen quarrelsome kings.

The Icewhite Islands, far in the North past the Wastes, is a land where travellers seldom brave; yet whispered tales still reach the South of horned wraiths in the everlasting blizzard, the snow melting where they tread.

Southwest Khorvaire
-Smythlethwaite is located at the red arrow, at the intersection of the Dagger river and the Hilt
-Just ignore other city names unless otherwise notified


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